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Group Time Capsules

Past Present Future

Publicity or Privacy

About (GBT) is a web application offering groups endless ways to go better together to activities, games, concerts, reunions and other exciting group activities. Groups create Memorys™ to unite with unprecedented power to organize and grow. Collaborate online before, during and after the event, with conversations and media. Receive group discounts at hotels, restaurants, theme parks, concerts, airlines, and other unique & exhilarating activities. All this complete with VIP treatment.


  • Free virtual time capsules you create for groups offering conversations, videos and photo albums.
    • Share your Memorys on your favorite social networks.
    • Collaborate before, during and after the event
    • Collect Memorys™ of your own or join Memorys™ of others
    Memorys™ can be created and shared with friends & family, teammates, classmates or even colleagues to grow your Memory.


  • Deals offer a direct connection to decision makers at popular group destinations such as restaurants, hotels, theaters, concerts and sporting events to name a few. Receive group deals specific to your groups needs.
    • Access Deals directly from your dashboard.
    • Group Deals for Hotels, Restaurants, Nightlife & Attractions
    • Great for future travel as well as local Deals
    Deals are cleverly organized on your personal Dashboard. Look for deals at home or while on the road. No fees or commission ever! You finalize the Deal direct with the decision maker once you have received all your bids from "shopped" businesses.


  • Quick, free registration accesses your personal GBT Dashboard:
    • Create, join, collect and organize your Memorys™
    • Receive incredible group deals specific to your group
    • Post and share personal media and conversations
    • Planned and historical trips and activities.
    • Join requests of members who wish to join your Memorys™
    • See recent Memory activity
    • Deal Updates just for your group
    • Alias or real names or both, create multiple personas

Memorys For Now & Then

  • Past
    • Create a Memory™ from the Past
    • Invite those that where part of that Memory
    • Members complete the historic account, preserving history
  • Present
    • Join or create a Memory™ of an event happening now
    • Invite other that are participating in that event
    • Receive media and conversations from countless perspectives
  • Future
    • Plan a Group activity with or without a Deal
    • Invite others that will participate in that activity
    • Collaborate before during and after, everyone contributes

Privacy Simplified

  • Privacy on GBT is simple, if you don't want anyone to see it, share it or know about it, no one will. Invite only those that you want to join your Memory. We don't share any information about your registration information or content of your Memorys™. Imagine the many uses for public and/or private Memorys™:
  • Public: Visible to anyone viewing and sharable on popular social network sites.
  • Private: Not visible to anyone on GoBetterTogether outside of yourself and those that you chose to share your Memory™. Private Memorys are not sharable on other social network sites.
  • CrowdSourcing: When selected during Memory™ creation, allows for invited members to invite others to join. If you do not choose CrowdSourcing during Memory™ creation, only you as the creator of the Memory ™ can invite others.
  • AutoAccept: Select "on", to allow anyone wanting to join your Memory ™ instant access without approval. When "off", a request needs to be approved by the Memory ™ creator. Once the request is accepted you will be notified via email.

Popular Memory Uses

Sports Teams and Athletes

  • Amateur, Youth, Collegiate or Association...
    Create a Memory™ for your sporting events today. Athletes or coaches create a Memory™, invite your teammates, friends and family. Everyone contributes to your memory with media and conversations. Create or collect Memorys™ across all sports, all teams all years, complete with those that were part of your Memory™. Memorys™ work for past, present and future games. Create Memorys™ of historical games, current games or future. Deals allow you to plan entire seasons of travel or celebratory occasions.

Large Public Events

  • Parades, Protests, Street Fairs, Concerts...
    Create a Memory™ for your large public or private events and invite your list of attendees. CrowdSource and AutoAccept to grow participation. Attendees contribute media and conversations, recording the history of the event with unprecedented depth from the memories of the attendees! Deals get you discounts at hotels and restaurants if you are traveling to the event. Event Organizers and vendors can advertise Deals during event day. Plan additional activities surrounding the event with Deals.

Bands, Performing & Production

  • Tours and Production Travel...
    Much like sports, band and production can excel with Memorys and Deals. Traveling groups can create a Memory of the trip or big day. Invite just friends or the world. Invite attendees to join the Memory and contribute media and conversations. Artists can have conversations their fans. Use the Memory to catalog a complete history of performances, complete with the memories of the fans. Deals allow you to plan travel surrounding the destination of the performance. Groups can search hotels, restaurants or activities that are associated with theaters, parks, sports fields, colleges or performing arts venue to name a few. Find the closest hotel to each venue to get deals.

Community or Global Collaboration

  • Projects, Mysteries, Global or Local Events...
    Memorys ™ for collaboration become exhilaratingly powerful when you CrowdSource a small community, a town or city, a state or country. Everything from an apartment community to a city or state, bringing communities closer together with Memorys ™. World events of the past and future, join or create a Memory to record event details from all that were present. Community leaders can communicate directly with residents.

Political Memorys, Local and National.

  • Democrat, Republican, Independent or other...
    Search for a Political Memory to join. GBT has a foundation of all parties and members of congress. Join a specific representatives Memory or create on for your local government. With Memorys constituents can communicate directly with their representatives, party leaders or local and regional government. If you create a Political Memory, don't forget to invite the leaders involved.
    Scandal to success, media and conversations allow you to report on the movements of your elected officials.
    Visit How To Videos for other fun ways to use Memorys or take a look at some of the featured Memorys.

Ancestral & Family Tree Memorys

  • Immediate family, ancestors and global relatives...
    Bring that Family tree to the next stage of its evolution! Create a Family Memory today and start by inviting your closest family and cousins to allow them to invite more family members. Create Conversations and add media of your family from today and from the past. Share all those details that go unknown today. Share birthdays anniversaries, milestones. The Memory grows over the years, continuing your family tree with todays technology. Collect Memorys from your relatives to expand your knowledge even more.

Miltary Active, Reserves or Retired

  • Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Commands or Units
    Military Memorys are an exhilarating way to record your time in the military, complete with all your fellow soldiers. Create or join a Memory of your unit or by destination or year. Commemorating past service members, wars, or special occasions is easy with Memory.
    Collect fellow service member Memorys and stay in touch through retirement. Get updates on reunions and special events or services.